Boarding & Grooming

We pamper your pets!

Old Bridge Veterinary Hospital has one of Northern Virginia’s largest animal boarding facilities, with a professional groomer

Our Kennels are climate controlled, clean and fully staffed from 7:00AM until 8:00PM throughout the week, with two separate
crews on Saturdays and Sundays. We always have a Vet on call for any emergencies as well.

Kennel Yard 1

Kennel Yard 2

Kennel Yard 3

Kennel Yard 4

Kennel Yard 5

Kennel Yard 6

What we provide:

  • Blankets and/or towels
  • Stainless steel bowls
  • Science Diet Adult formula
    • OBVH provides Science Diet Adult formula for no additional chargeYou may bring your own special diet for your
      pet, which we recommend if your pet is prone to intestinal upset. A sudden change in food along with the
      stress of boarding can lead to diarrhea and other gastro-intestinal issues.
  • Three walks daily

Kennel fees per day as of January 2016:

Please keep in mind that pets are charged per night with a checkout time of 2:00pm. Checkouts after 2:00pm (unless being
bathed) will result in an extra Daycare charge.

Large runs (7ft x 3ft) for dogs 61lbs and over $27.50
Large double door cages (57in x 28in) for dogs 51-60lbs $26.00
Medium/Large cage (46in x 28 in) for dogs 41-50lbs $24.00
Medium cages (33in x 28.5in) for dogs 31-40lbs $25.00
Small cages (28in x 28.5 in) for dogs 21-30lbs $24.00
Extra Small cages (22in x 28.5in) for dogs 0-20lbs $22.00
Cats $19.00
Ferrets $20.00
Rabbits (must have own food) $25.00
Birds (must have own cage & food) $22.00
Multiple birds in the same cage (must have own cage & food) $26.00
Hamsters, Guinea Pigs (must have own cage & food) $22.00

Please bring your own food and cages for rabbits, birds, hamsters and guinea pigs

Daily daycare for all animals $14.75
One (1) extra walk daily can be added for an additional $2.65
We will gladly give medications to your pet daily for an additional (All medication must be brought with your
pet) $2.10

Restrictions: (please call ahead of time with any questions)

ALL animals must be up to date on vaccines to board.


  • Dogs-Rabbies, DA2LPP, & Bordetella
  • Cats-Rabbies & PRC
  • Ferret-Rabbies & Distemper
If bringing your own food for your pet, please bring it in a sealed, Tupperware type container, clearly labeled, and only
enough for the stay. We love your pets but our space is limited! (No bags will be accepted, and positively NO GLASS)

Tours of our kennels are available upon request Monday – Friday, 11am-3pm